There are thousands of pair tracers on the market, they range from 20,00€ to 300,00€ or more. You can find different shapes and technologies but in the end it comes on if you find the right pair and how quick you find it.
So let’s see together why PT6 is your best choice when it comes to professional pair tracer for telecom technicians.

  1. TIM approved: the guarantee of quality

Telecom Italia is the national telecom carrier in Italy. They bought in the past competitor products but since 2010 they choose PT6 (and its predecessor PT5).  The quality of PT6 was the major factor to switch over to Fava’s pair tracer.

  1. No frills, just does what needs to be done

By the development of PT6 the main issue was: find the right pair in less time. The product was designed on this foundation. Everything which did not help to reach this goal was left apart. In the end the outcome was a solid, robust, simple tool for the telecom technician.

  1. A good price-quality ratio

If you want to be 100% sure your technicians will find the right pair in a bunch of cables, quality comes first. You may try a cheap product because it costs less but on the long term the success in finding pairs, having always a perfect working product, accessibility of assistance and spare parts are important points which will be not satisfied.  Unsatisfied personnel and buckets of damaged products are a possible picture.

  1. Simple design for field effectiveness

Unlike other products PT6 has a round shape for an effective grip even with hand gloves. Colored in yellow it is easy to localize should it fall in a hole or left somewhere in the CO. The tip is made of metal and it has to be screwed on the PT6 case. No plastic, no possible breaks. The carrying pouch is simple with one pocket so that you can easily stuff the PT6. An extra LED white light helps to find things even in a dim or dark environment. Easy-to-find 1,5V AA batteries powers it.

  1. It’s always available

In almost a couple of days we can reach all countries in Europe and deliver up to hundreds of pieces.
It is important to know that we will not let you down.