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800 TDR is a cable fault locator designed for ease of use. It combines with both time domain reflectometer (TDR, pulse reflection testing ) and intelligent bridge testing (Bridge) for measuring the exact fault location such as the broken line, cross faults, earthing, poor insulation and poor contact of the lead covered cables as well as plastic cables.

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800 Cable Fault Locator is a portable field instrument working on TDR and bridge methods, adopting advanced micro-electronics technology.

It is designed to locate accurate fault points in such cables as telecommunication leadsheathed cable, plastic cable or user’s lead covered wire, while the faults include break, mix, earthing, defective insulation, or poor connecting. 800 CFL can test almost all the telecom cables and is an ideal function-stable instrument for the field operator to improve work efficiency.
Simply select the modes which you are going to use. Distance, VOP, Gain and Range are automatically selected and adjusted as you scan the cable. Just move the cursor to the fault to pinpoint its location.
It is an effective tool to reduce troubleshooting time, improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity of line maintenance staff.

800 CFL can also be used in line projects acceptance and inspection of electrical cables.

1. Large color LCD Display (480 x 280 dot); user friendly interface; six function keys and simple operation.
2. Both pulse reflection testing (TDR) and intelligent bridge testing (Bridge) can test broken lines, crossing lines, poor insulation and other types of faults.
3. Manual testing function is preserved.
4. Full English Menu is easy to master and use.
5. With megameter and ohmmeter, it enables to test insulation resistance and loop resistance.
6. With USB Port, it is easy to upload testing data to U-disk and you can analyze the data on computer.
7. Rechargeable lithium battery, intelligent charging without duty.
8. Small dimension, light weight and portable design.


Pulse reflection testing(TDR)
Max range 8 km
Dead Zone 0 m
Testing Accuracy 1m
Pulse width 40ns-10us with automatic adjustment
Automatic impedance balance adjustment
Automatic and manual gain adjustment
Intelligent bridge testing(Bridge)
Max poor insulation resistance 100 MΩ
Testing accuracy ± 1 % * cable length
The max length of testing cable 9999m
Battery charge: 4 hours
Operating time: 8 hours
Dimension: 220*160*90 (mm)
Weight: 1Kg


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