800N Cable Fault Locator

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800N Cable Fault Locator is a reliable, simple and sturdy TDR used for test est cable break, short circuit faults of telecommunication cables, data cables, high frequency cables and coaxial cable.



The 800N digital cable fault locator is a portable instrument designed to accurately identify faults in telecommunications cables, coaxial, data, high frequency and other cables, such as short circuits, low isolation and breaks.
It is an ideal tool for field use able to improve work efficiency and at a very low cost. It has an automatic or manual test, a large backlit color LCD to be easily read even in bright light and power supply lithium batteries.
Main features:
1. DGAC (Digital gain auto control ). This will reduce the waveform distortion caused by the potentiometer knob; and also can be used for pure line adjust which is convenient for manual test
2. Auto identification technology of the digit waveform: The unit can automatically identify the waveform that is difficult to judge manually and test the dead zone clearly
3. Adopts high end (True 32-bit) ARM chip to cooperate with FPGA (Field programmable gates array technology ), which will help performing and judging the faults wave correctly
4. Big screen color LCD display, English menu, six keys to perform all operation
5. High-energy lithium battery, which ensure the working time last for 10 hours


Max measurement range: 8 km (manual)
Max measurement range: 4km (auto)
Max resolution: 1m
Dead zone: 0m
Working temperature: -15 ~ 45℃
Weight: 0.5kg
Dimensions: 204x100x36 mm


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