AR96 Power Box/Buzzer

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Since 1981 proudly in use throughout almost all italian telephone splicers team


AR96 allows the circuit to be powered (out of service twisted pairs or new cable to be connected) and, by inserting two NCP2 test headsets, the conversation between operators at both end of the cable/pair (for cable numbering, test connection efficiency, etc.)
The second function of AR 96 is to check the continuity of a conductor up to a line load of 2 kOhm, ensuring twisted pair testing on lengths well exceeding normal sections.  When continuity is tested, the buzzer emits a continuous tone.
AR96 is made of high-visibility yellow ABS which is resistant to impact and is equipped with a strap to facilitate hands-free work. 

AR96 is equipped with 3 cables terminated with slim crocodile clips


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Continuity Test
Current(Rl 0 Ohm) Imin=35mA @ 9 VDC
Range = 0-2 kOhm
Temperature -20...+70°C (uso)
IP Protection IP20
Power supply 6 batteries AA 1,5V Alcaline or rechargeable
Dimensions 70x80x70
Weight ca 100 g. (w/o batteries)


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