ISL52X Insulation Tester

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Price: 195.00€ - 235.00 € IVA esclusa

special pricing for reseller or contractors

The ISL52X insulation meter is designed for the professional: rugged, precise, at a very aggressive price.



ISL520X is a medium-sized insulation meter placed in a rugged case for use in harsh environments. It allows:
• test the insulation with voltages of 50/100/250/500 and 1000V or 2500V;
• measure resistances up to 10GΩ;
• measure continuity;
• with circuit current up to 1.8mA;
• automatically calculate PI and DAR;
• measure AC or DC voltage
• LCD display 7″ with backlighting and auto power off
ISL52X is supplied calibrated by the manufacturer. An optional laboratory calibration with ISO certificate for annual recalibrations can be ordered separately.


Insulation Test:
source output voltage 50V(0 %~+20%) Measuring range 0.01MΩ~50MΩ±(3%+5)
source output voltage 100V( 0%~+20%) Measuring range 0.01MΩ~100MΩ±(3%+5)
source output voltage 250V( 0%~+20%) Measuring range 0.01MΩ~250ΩM±(3%+5)
source output voltage 500V( 0%~20%) Measuring range 0.01MΩ~500MΩ±(3%+5) 1.00GΩ~5.00GΩ±(5%+0.1GΩ)
source output voltage 1000V( 0%~+20%) Measuring range 5.00GΩ~10.00GΩ±(10%+0.2GΩ)
Power Supply: 6x1.5V AA batteries
Dimensions: 180mm x 140mm x65mm
Weight: approx. 950g
Safety Rating CE CAT.III 1000V CAT IV 600V RoHS