Slc Cgil, Fistel Cisl, Uilcom Uil and Ugl Telecomunicazioni have reached with Tim two agreements that allow 4300 company’s employees to be able to leave the company in advance and voluntarily in the period 2019-2020, using the instrument “isopensione” of the Fornero law.

Another 314 employees may, always voluntarily, leave the company as part of a procedure provided for by the law 223/1991, already launched earlier in 2017, which registered a limited number of non-opposition to withdrawal, using among the requirements also that of being in possession of the right to early retirement with “quota 100”.

The “isopensione” (or exodus of older workers) was introduced by the Fornero law and can only be used by companies with more than 15 employees on average as a result of an agreement reached between the company, INPS and workers’ unions.

The mechanism allows an advance of the retirement age up to a maximum of 4 years with respect to the Fornero legislation provided that the company corresponds, with charges entirely against him, a check to workers equal to the pension (the allowance takes the name of “isopensione”) for the entire period of exodus, up to the completion of the requirements for retirement.

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