VDSL Tester 35G is the evolution of the current VDSL Tester: its use is easy and immediate. Designed for those who install and maintain xDSL telephone lines, 35G is practical, lightweight and protected for outdoor use.
The messaging in english is the known one of the VDSL Tester. The 4″ inch display allows you to view various information on a single screen. The keyboard has dedicated direction keys and 4 function keys for quick access.
The standard version offers a multimeter for the analysis of electrical parameters and cable quality, allows a PPPoE or PPPoA call, LAN or WAN ping and emulates a modem to replace the customer’s modem.
Up to 50 measurements can be stored and analyzed on a PC using the supplied software. The battery life is 6-8 hours i.e. a complete shift of work.
As an option, a TDR is available to check the quality of the copper cable, a VFL / OPM to check the quality of the fiber cable and finally a practical pair tracer for the identification of the twisted pair.
The best value for your money!

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