The Visual Fault Locator VFL1-XX is a red laser (650 nm) designed to inject visible light energy into an optical fiber. Breakpoint, bending or cracking of the fiber glass or faulty connectors and other faults “lose” the red light allowing the technicians to visually detect the fault.
Useful during jointing and cabling operations VFL1-XX visual fault locator in optical fibers, also called laser pen, is a device able to quickly and easily locate a point of bending, cracking or breaking of the glass fiber. It can also locate the failt in the so-called OTDR dead zone and help identify the fiber from one end to the other. Designed with a FC, SC, ST universal adapter the VFL1-XX is used without any other type of additional adapters, can detect faults up to 10 km of fiber cable and has compact and lightweight dimensions.
Operating principle of the Visual Fault Locator
The VFL1-XX fills the core of the optical fiber with light from the laser. The light from the laser escapes the optical fiber at a break or macrobend. The light escaping from the optical fiber will typically illuminate the buffer surrounding the optical fiber. Macrobends are not always visible through the jacket but are typically visible through the buffer. Breaks may be visible through the jacket of the fiber optic cable depending on jacket color, thickness, number of optical fibers in the cable, and amount of strength member.

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